From Boston to LA

Tristan Waldron is an actor, director, and producer living in the Silverlake neighborhood of Los Angeles; a far cry from making home videos on his parents camcorder in the suburbs of Boston, Massachusetts. Although, he grew up in Boston his accent is not too thick (unless he’s watching a Sox game, then all bets are off). Tristan moved to Los Angeles to attend Occidental College where he was recognized with various scholarships and awards, and graduated Cum Laude with a double major in Theatre and Biology.

Refusing to leave the sunshine of Los Angeles for the brutal weather of home, Tristan began his professional acting career. Tristan has appeared in films, TV shows, and plays. Most recently, he played the title role in Macbeth at Art Share LA. He can be seen in the short film Birthday Boy streaming on HBO, the new Facebook Watch series Tokens, and in the “wonderfully strange” comedy Woodhaven Public Access on YouTube. When he’s not performing, you can find Tristan directing the critically-acclaimed Occidental Children’s Theater, which just concluded it’s 24th season.

In his spare time, Tristan loves doing the New York Times crossword puzzle, competing in the Oinkster’s Burger Week challenge, and enjoying the outdoors. He has a lifelong goal to be called on air for NPR Morning Edition’s Sunday Puzzle, and would one day love to show up to an awards show in his super sleek 1996 Geo Metro .